All this film needed was to stay true to the amazing franchise we've all come to adore and everyone would be happy with the outcome. Well, they didn't only stay true, they improved on the concept already set in place by the games and books.

The choreography was done in such a way that I believe a lot of young enthusiasts will even attempt to take up parkour and some form of martial art. The shot transitions were revolutionary if I may use that word, when Cal enters the past via the animus there is a transition done in such a smooth way that I believe this will be a trend setter for many new movies of 2017.

The story line was so well written that my partner who has no experience with the franchise could have an in depth conversation with me about assassins creed and the basics from the game. (Given there are times when in game knowledge is required for complete understanding such as the ring finger in the start of the film.)

Michael's performance was amazing and he truly did bring synchronization between the two roles he played. While in the animus and connected to the machine you can constantly see the different personalities. Even the woman who almost ruined Inception for me gave a very good performance that almost makes me forgive all her previous horrible movies.

From start to finish this was just amazing. If this is the new standard for a 10 rating I need to go and lower my ratings on other films. If you haven't seen it yet, go to the cinema right now and see it in 3D. You won't be disappointed