In IGN Spain, since we knew it was going to happen - a film based on the popular video game Assassin's Creed, - we've been rubbing our hands. When the time has come we were fortunate to be able to attend a day of filming. Here, in this special report, we're going to tell everything we saw and talked about with some of its protagonists, in addition to offering some images from the film.

From the beginning there was some curiosity about what could come out of this film but we were somewhat relieved to know that it would be handled by Justin Kurzel (director of the latest epic film adaptation of Macbeth) and Michael Fassbender would be the protagonist in the film. We are still on tenterhooks until we see the film and can comment on this but such thing as attention to detail we can confirm judging by what we saw the day we've been on set.

Time Out Of Mind: The Lure

Together with four other journalists (almost all of the international level) we were the privileged to hang around the area called TOOM (Time Out Of Mind) - false name to mislead the people in Almeria in order that no one would know that the actual shooting was neither more nor less than of Assassin's Creed.

So, we are in Almeria, near the end of the filming. It's forbidden to take pictures of sequences we saw or actors who rest in long white caravans of considerable size, spaced along this wonderful wilderness. The film went through other previous places like London or Malta, but everyone of technical and artistic team seems happy because the thing is about to end and in Almeria in its last phase with good prospects and without major problems (despite the heat).

It's not easy to adapt one of the most successful sagas of recent times of video games. During the day of filming we were lucky enough to chat with Michael Fassbender, Ariane Labed, Hovik Keuchkerian, director Justin Kurzel and executive producer Patrick Crowley, among the others.

Michael Fassbender, actor and producer. The soul of everything what's happening here

Fassbender, who plays Callum Lynch and Aguilar also is a producer and risk a lot in this project, despite his charisma and having options for making any other film.

So, when you have the opportunity to get face to face with this actor, dressed in his costume for the film in the break between sequences in the desert of Tabernas, the question is forcing itself: "Why to take on this ambitious and yet so expensive project not only as an actor but also as a producer?". It starts quite a conversation with a person, which we can also say is the soul of whole Assassin's Creed Movie project.

This is his response: "I guess I became a producer because I wanted to work on something that could know and see its start from the beginning when I was introduced to the guys at Ubisoft, who then introduced me to the world of Assassin's Creed, we've talked about everything that would be needed to make it and who should become a part of the project, etc... But above all this there was a need of finding a story… It was all very exciting and thrilling but in many ways also exhausting just to make that process could move forward."

It all started in 2011

Watching closely into the Michael's face, it feels certain part of tranquility but also some fatigue on the day of shooting and some nostalgia floating in the air while he was remembering how it all started: "I sat down with the guys at Ubisoft in 2011 five years ago. So I know it's been a long road and a hard process to get here, just at the end of filming".

As far as actor has been involved since the writing of the story, which will take place in two different dimensions: 65% of it is set in the present and about 35% remaining will be everything that happens in the fifteenth century Spanish Inquisition via Animus. The actor told us about it: "The contribution to the script as a producer is one of the things that I liked most, apart from simply joining the team - greatly enjoyed that.". For this scenario, in addition to changes that might occur in the final and any other part in the filming itself, a lengthy previous work was writing (three years).