Two of Ireland's acting greats lock horns in the first image from forthcoming movie Trespass Against Us – the story of a warring family of travellers in the U.K. Brendan Gleeson and Michael Fassbender play a father and son in conflict in the gritty crime drama, which will have its world premiere at a glitzy film festival next month.

A cast of Irish actors, including Love/Hate's Killian Scott and Barry Keoghan, will also star in the movie, which centres on a son (Fassbender) who comes into conflict with the family patriarch (Gleeson) when he tries to break free from a life of crime for the sake of his own kids.

The film is also set to be a hit among fans of music stars The Chemical Brothers, who have written a complete score for the film.

The movie tells the story of the exploits of U.K.-based travellers the Cutler family, whose habits of hunting, raiding large country estates and tormenting the police have made them notorious.

Over time, Chad (Fassbender) finds himself torn between his criminal lifestyle and the loyalty and respect for his father (Gleeson) that comes with it, and his desire to create a better life.

However, the law is tightening on the corrupt family and the choice may not ultimately be his to make. As he struggles to escape his family's criminal ways, it leads to war within his clan and his community.

"The script for the film was great and helped to draw in the big-name cast," said a movie insider. "The story is set to be a gritty account of what life is like within this close-knit, but conflicted, family." Barry Keoghan, whose name is on the rise with several new movies on the way – including Christopher Nolan's WW2 epic Dunkirk – said he was thrilled to work with some of Ireland's best-known stars in the movie.

"They're just lads, aren't they? Brendan's like someone you know already because I come from the inner city, so he’s like a lad from the inner city,” he said.

"Michael's so cool. He's such a good guy and he looks out for the young actors."

The film is directed by Adam Smith, best known for his award-winning videos and live show visuals with music giants The Chemical Brothers.

The dance stars have also written an original score for the film, which will screen at Toronto next month and be released worldwide later this year.

Buzz for the film has been growing and it has already been snapped up for international distribution across the world – an early indicator that it’s set to be a hit.

In recent years Toronto has become a launch pad for a movie's awards-season campaign and slots in the festival are among the most coveted in the movie world.

Trespass Against Us is the first of two upcoming movies in which Gleeson and Fassbender will play father and son.

The acting heavyweights will also star as two generations of the same family in the forthcoming movie adaptation of the video game smash Assassin’s Creed.