ATTENTION: This Brazilian article has been translated and is now presented here in the reduced version because of massive ammount of spoilers in the original feature.
To watch Assassin's Creed movie for the first time is somewhat a special event that shouldn't be spoiled by too many details spilled.
Be respectful to those who wants to keep their feelings fresh, their excitement pure.

Coming from praised Snowtown and Macbeth, Justin Kurzel says he's not interested in participating in a new era of movies based on games. His goal with Assassin's Creed is creating a rich cinematic experience. However, judging by the trailer and the opening sequence of the film shown at a special event at Fox, the director will do both.

Using a unique history - Callum Lynch, the character of Michael Fassbender, is a descendant of the Spanish assassin Aguilar, who lived in Spain in the fifteenth century - the production can maintain fidelity to the spirit of the game franchise without creating a game caricature. Just as Desmond, the first protagonist in the games, Lynch will finds out that heís a descendant of the society of assassinís and will learn the techniques through the genetic memories of his ancestor. A formula that should work for fans of the series and for the audience that even didn't heard about the game.

The videos and the official material on the film also reveal how other game elements will be incorporated. The eagle has a constant presence, appearing from the opening as a link between the parts of the story. Terms such as desynchronization and "bleeding effect" are here, showing the dangers of Animus that can drive the one who's using it mad. Moreover, the historical part was not left out, with the advice of experts from Ubisoft. The choice for the period of the Spanish Inquisition will allow interesting interactions with Tomas de Torquemada as a templar and his violent attempts to maintain Catholicism in the region for his own purposes.

Kurzel, who confesses that he never played the game and received the invitation from Michael, is to willing to bring to the screen the full potential of the Assassin's Creed franchise. The little has been shown, and yet it was so exciting, a true enchantment like it was once when you played the first AC game in 2007. A new universe is revealed to the cinema world - with creative possibilities for narrative and action - it'll bring us the Golden Age of games on the screen.